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Smart Ways to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

  One question that I get asked quite regularly is how to tackle credit card debt. It’s easy to fall into the trap of credit card debt as we all like the idea of buy now pay later. And that’s okay if you are paying your credit card balance each month. If you clear the...

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Tackling debt

As a country we have an issue with debt, despite improvement since 2008 Irish Households are still the fourth most indebted households in Europe behind Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. By the end of September 2017 it stood at €141.8 billion. If we take an average...

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The Debt Ladder

The Debt Ladder is my tried and trusted method that will guarantee success. By tackling your debt in manageable chunks, you will get multiple small wins and a sense of accomplishment that means you will feel good and will continue to pay it off. This debt ladder...

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Educating your Children About Money

By the age 6 kids have already developed their attitude to money, spending and saving. So it’s important to start talking to kids from an early age about money. Most parents excel when it comes to teaching safety and good manners, but with money few know where to...

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