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long-term financial security beyond retirement for you & your family.


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Financial Planning Consultation

Connecting you, your money & your financial goals into a personalised roadmap.

Mortgage Consultation

By your side every step of the way in your biggest financial decision.

Investment Consultation

Making your hard-earned money grow & earn more money for you.

Pension Consultation

Building a financially secure life for you in retirement & beyond.


Protection Consultation

Creating a financial safety net for you & your family.

Business Owner Consultation

Personal & Business finance advice for business owners

Client Testimonials

“The whole experience was so professional and assuring. Unlike other financial consultants where we felt spoken down to with way too much vagueness. It was the complete opposite with askpaul.”

“I have contacted other financial planners in the past but was told they only deal with people of a salary 100k plus. I found this service exceptional where anyone can get advice regardless of their salaries.”

“I booked the consultation only looking to talk about investments and Ian helped us with income protection, investment, savings and spending plans. We got a lot out of the consultation.”

“Darren went above and beyond. Seemed like he genuinely had our best interest at heart. Did not feel rushed at all.”

“The projection software was super, it was really cool to be able to see what the next 59 years looked like financially and what would happen if one income was gone.”

“It was a real eye opener and everything I need is taken into consideration. I felt everything was geared towards my success and not that of the advisor.”

“I now have very realistic goals to work towards and know that I can trust the advice I was given. I feel comfortable and confident entering 2021 with a plan.”

“Gave us a great insight on our future financially and how we could give our kids a bright future if we put the right plans into place.”


Financial Planning Consultation

We will find out where you are, where you want to be & everything that matters to you and make a financial plan that connects the dots, helping you build a financial future where you are in control.

  • RUnderstand the leaks & gaps in your current finances
  • RGet organized financially
  • REstablish short & long-term goals
  • RGraphical forecast of your financial future from your current age up to retirement & beyond
  • RIncrease your savings by switching to cheaper policies & rates
  • RTailored investment solutions
  • RAchieve & maintain your desired lifestyle into retirement
  • RDedicated advice and support along your mortgage journey
  • RA holistic & comprehensive financial map to get you to where you want to be financially while living comfortably in the present.

Protection Consultation

We will build a protection plan suggesting the right type of policies and level of covers whether that is life insurance, income protection or critical illness based on your circumstances and needs to financially protect yourself & your family.

  • RIdentify if you are under or over Insured
  • RGet recommendations on the right policies & level of cover you should have based on your circumstance
  • RReceive the best value insurance quotes from Irelands top insurance providers
  • RAssistance with the application process & policy documentation
  • RYearly review of policies to take into account any changes in circumstances

Investment Consultation

We will identify your investment objectives & recommend investment solutions suited to your unique needs and goals. Whether you're looking to build wealth, fund future financial goals, create retirement income or simply preserve wealth for the next generation, we’ll design a single stock or multi asset investment portfolio to make your money work smarter and earn more money for you.

  • RIdentify your investment objectives
  • RUnderstand your risk profile
  • RExplore the options suitable for you and provide you with access to a comprehensive range of investment solutions
  • RGet recommendations suited to your unique needs and goals.
  • RAssistance with the application process & documentation
  • RYealy review of your investments to consider any changes in circumstances

Pension Consultation

We can help you retrieve your old company pension plan, so you don’t lose that money, review your current pension to make sure it’ll help you fund the lifestyle you want in retirement or even start a new pension plan aligned to your goals. We will essentially make sure that you can fund the lifestyle you want when you stop working in the most tax-efficient manner.

  • RAsses your current situation
  • RIdentify your retirement goals
  • RUnderstand your risk profile
  • RExplore range of solutions & get recommendations suited to your unique needs and goals.
  • RAssistance with the application process & documentation
  • RYearly review of your pension plan to consider any changes in circumstances

Mortgage Consultation

If you are planning to buy a home, purchase an investment property, or want to look at other options on an existing mortgage, with a 99% success rate, we will get you the most competitive rate in the market for your circumstances so that you pay less to the bank and get more for your own back pocket. We have successfully sought and secured mortgages for clients throughout Ireland, from Dublin to Galway and Cork to Donegal.

  • RReview your current situation
  • RFind out how much you can borrow based on your financial situation
  • RCompare Mortgage deals from from all major Irish lenders
  • RGet recommendations on the right mortgage based on your needs from a wide range of lenders
  • RCreate a plan to get you ready to apply
  • RCarry out internal mortgage underwriting
  • RHelp you prepare the documents you need to support your application
  • RSubmit your application.
  • RCheck your paperwork and track the progress of your application
  • RCommunicate directly with the lender and answer their questions
  • RLiaise directly with the lender, saving you time and effort
  • RRegular communication updates

Business Owner Consultation

Advice for business owners that considers both personal and business finances, as one influences the other. We’ll create a financial plan that will guide the balance of your personal finances and your long-term business goals in the most tax-efficient manner.

  • RPersonal cashflow modelling
  • RAlign your business & personal financial objectives
  • RProtect, grow & extract wealth from your business
  • RGuidance as an owner-director around pension legislation
  • RGuidance on business, entrepreneurial & retirement relief
  • RReferral accountant services
  • RReferral to tax advisors where relevant
  • RReferral to Life / Business coach

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