Equip your employees with invaluable advice, enabling them to achieve financial wellness and make informed financial decisions. This empowering masterclass emphasizes financial wellbeing, financial mindset, and strategic financial planning, looking beyond mere financial products.

Partner to Ireland’s leading financial advisors for independent & credible financial education.

We deliver impartial expert knowledge to educate your employees so that they can make smarter financial decisions to make their money work harder and go further.

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1 in 3 employees report that their personal financial issues result in being distracted at work.

Money is a “taboo” subject that people don’t like to discuss. Financial stress and anxiety can affect people at home as well as at work. People face financial worries at various stages of their lives – whether that is tackling debt, concerns over retirement savings or making their monthly budget work.

Employees with money worries are more likely to have sleepless nights, not finish their daily tasks and may have troubled relationships with colleagues

Better equipped to navigate economic fluctuations.
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The workplace is the location where people earn money so it’s naturally the best location for financial well-being initiatives to take place.

In simple terms, financial wellbeing is what you do with your pot of money, not the size of it. We developed the Employee Financial Masterclass as part of an initiative to increase financial well-being. Designed to improve the financial health of employees in workplaces big and small. Our employee financial masterclass will help your employees take control of their finances by empowering them with the information and tools to spend and save smarter.

Inspiring them to make small, achievable financial changes in their daily routines. Through consultation with employers in advance, these seminars can also highlight important financial benefits provided to employees.

We deliver financial advice that is relevant, practical and most importantly it’s independent of any
bank or financial institution.

Manage your wealth

Did you know?


of people who work with a financial advisor report being happier and sleeping better


Client Testimonials

“In February 2023, we partnered with the “Ask Paul” team to deliver a Money Masterclass to address the impact that the cost of living was having on the wellbeing of our employees. From start to finish, the team were a pleasure to work with. During the Masterclass, Paul breaks down the financial jargon into easy to digest and useful information. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our employees that attended his talk.”

— Claire Walsh, Culture & Capability Partner, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard

“The Financial Wellbeing Masterclass was an excellent investment of our time and effort. If you’re looking for simple, practical expertise that will help you to confidently tackle your finances like never before, then this masterclass is undoubtedly the one for you. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed!”— Fiona Monahan – Head of HR Bloomfield Hospital
“We have worked with Paul on numerous events and are incredibly impressed with his professionalism, in-depth knowledge and attention to detail. Paul is a true expert when it comes to anything finance-related, and it has been a pleasure to work with him and his team”— Aisling Gough, Spectrum Life

This masterclass is based on askpaul’s financial planning philosophy of Protect, Grow and Replace, a framework to create a solid financial plan. This masterclass benefits all age demographics, income range & life stage, forming the starting point for financial education as it touches the spectrum of financial life stages.

Covering a range of financial topics such as day to day money management and planning, investing for the medium and long terms and pensions. It will also educate your employees about the importance of cashflow modelling and how each financial decision can have a huge impact over the long term.

This talk focuses on financial wellbeing, mindset & planning rather than financial products – which are just “things” that are used to achieve the desired results.

Better equipped to navigate economic fluctuations.

Master Class packages


  • Financial wellbeing 1 year programme
  • Tailored programme consisting of 6 Money Masterclasses and budget webinar
  • Bi-Monthly seminar with interactive Q&A sessions
  • 50% discount for all employees for personalised consultations.


  • Finance 101 Money Masterclass
  • 50 minute webinar followed by 10 minute Q&A
  • 25% discount for all employees for individual consultations

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