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Paul Merriman | askpaul

Paul Merriman QFA Grad Dip CFP®

Conor Byrne | askpaul

Conor Byrne QFA APA

Ian Britton | askpaul

Ian Britton QFA RPA

Lucia O'Riordan | askpaul

Lucia O’Riordan LIB QFA

Shane Cullen | askpaul

Shane Cullen

Mark Murphy FCA

Conor O'Hara | askpaul

Conor O’Hara QFA MIIPM

Claire Gannon | askpaul

Claire Gannon

Saanya Fadra | askpaul

Saanya Fadra

Dominique Daly | askpaul

Dominique Daly QFA

Lisa Dunne | askpaul

Lisa Dunne QFA

Adam Penrose | askpaul

Adam Penrose BBS APA Life Assurance

Laura Ray | askpaul

Laura Ray BA QFA

Nicola Beggs | askpaul

Nicola Beggs QFA LIB

Jean Haughton | askpaul

Jean Haughton QFA CUA CUG

Conor L’Estrange QFA

Fiona Dowler | askpaul

Fiona Dowler QFA

Jack Scroope | askpaul

Jack Scroope QFA

Áine Cullen | askpaul

Áine Cullen CFP® MSc GDip QFA

Darren Nolan | askpaul

Darren Nolan QFA IATI CFP®

Carlos Sáez Muñoz

Alvaro Gonzalez

Andrea Bruton

Andrew Murphy

David Aspil

Derek Browne

Goda Satikauskaite

Paul Duggan

Marc Sherriff

John Delaney

Kevin O’Reilly

Mark Roote

Suzanne Mooney

Bill Staunton

Keri Merriman

Stephen Lawlor

Olivia Dixon

Kenny Matthews

Kevin Fennelly

Eoin Foster

Linda Scott

Dylan Kresa

Alison Diley

Karena Duane

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