Askpaul was launched in 2016 by Paul Merriman CFP®, to give everyone a place to get access to jargon-free financial advice.

Advice that you can relate to but also understand!

He began with a Facebook page and a camera to provide short videos to educate people on their finances. With his straight-talking no-nonsense approach to money and business, he has quickly become Ireland’s favourite financial advisor.

Since launching, demand for Paul’s services increase phenomenally each year and to meet this demand, Paul has grown the askpaul advisor team with the best advisors in Ireland. Each advisor is carefully selected by Paul with strict criteria to ensure that they fit with Pau’s financial planning standards and beliefs.

Paul is considered one of Ireland’s leading financial advisors, is an internationally recognised CFP® (Certified Financial Planner), as certified by the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB).

He has over 20 years’ experience in the Finance sector starting out in RSA and Irish Life. Paul started his brokerage journey with Pax Financial Planning in 2011 which he has grown from a two-man operation to one of Ireland’s top financial planning firms. As well as askpaul and Pax he also owns and runs two other successful companies within the financial sector.

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Meet the Team

Paul Merriman QFA Grad Dip CFP® | Ask Paul

Paul Merriman QFA Grad Dip CFP®

Ian Britton QFA RPA

Ian Britton QFA RPA

Conor Byrne QFA APA | Ask Paul

Conor Byrne QFA APA

Darren Nolan QFA IATI CFP® | Ask Paul

Darren Nolan QFA IATI CFP®

Áine Cullen CFP® MSc GDip QFA | Ask Paul

Áine Cullen CFP® MSc GDip QFA

Mark Murphy FCA | Ask Paul

Mark Murphy FCA

Lisa Devlin MA Hon QFA RPA LCOI | Ask Paul

Lisa Devlin MA Hon QFA RPA LCOI

Dominique Daly QFA | Ask Paul

Dominique Daly QFA

Lisa Dunne QFA | Ask Paul

Lisa Dunne QFA

Conor O’Hara QFA MIIPM | Ask Paul

Conor O’Hara QFA MIIPM

Rory Browne QFA RPA | Ask Paul

Rory Browne QFA RPA

Adam Penrose BBS APA Life Assurance | Ask Paul

Adam Penrose BBS APA Life Assurance

Laura Ray BA QFA | Ask Paul

Laura Ray BA QFA

Richard Gannon BA QFA | Ask Paul

Richard Gannon BA QFA

Henry Nolan APA Life Assurance | Ask Paul

Henry Nolan APA Life Assurance

Sean Doyle | Ask Paul

Sean Doyle

Claire Gannon | Ask Paul

Claire Gannon

Saanya Fadra | Ask Paul

Saanya Fadra

Hannah Payne | Ask Paul

Hannah Payne

Leighton Penrose | Ask Paul

Leighton Penrose

Stephen Masterson QFA | Ask Paul

Stephen Masterson QFA

Shane McEvoy QFA | Ask Paul

Shane McEvoy QFA

Shane Cullen BSC QFA | Ask Paul

Shane Cullen BSC QFA

Nicola Beggs QFA LIB | Ask Paul

Nicola Beggs QFA LIB

Lucia O’Riordan LIB QFA | Ask Paul

Lucia O’Riordan LIB QFA

Molly Little | Ask Paul

Molly Little

Jean Haughton QFA CUA CUG | Ask Paul

Jean Haughton QFA CUA CUG

Conor L’Estrange QFA | Ask Paul

Conor L’Estrange QFA

Carla Byrne McCann APA | Ask Paul

Carla Byrne McCann APA

Fiona Dowler QFA | Ask Paul

Fiona Dowler QFA

Jack Scroope QFA | Ask Paul

Jack Scroope QFA

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