Your mortgage is going to be your biggest financial commitment.

You need to be aware of the factors that can have a huge impact on the cost of your mortgage.
With the right mortgage advice, you can massively reduce the amount you will repay to the bank.

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There is a lot of content below this video and it’s given in bite-sized information, you should be able to find a video that relates to you.

So whether you have an existing mortgage or you’re considering switching, whether you’re looking for a mortgage in the next few weeks, or when you’re looking to maybe start planning for a mortgage in six months to a year’s time. There’s a lot of information, have a scroll through the site, see if you find anything that’s interesting.

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Save Money on your Mortgage ... Length of Term

Save Money on your Mortgage ... Interest Rate

How Interest Rates affect your Mortgage

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Client Testimonials

“The whole experience was so professional and assuring. Unlike other financial consultants where we felt spoken down to with way too much vagueness. It was the complete opposite with askpaul.”

“I have contacted other financial planners in the past but was told they only deal with people of a salary 100k plus. I found this service exceptional where anyone can get advice regardless of their salaries.”

“I booked the consultation only looking to talk about investments and Ian helped us with income protection, investment, savings and spending plans. We got a lot out of the consultation.”

“Darren went above and beyond. Seemed like he genuinely had our best interest at heart. Did not feel rushed at all.”

“The projection software was super, it was really cool to be able to see what the next 59 years looked like financially and what would happen if one income was gone.”

“It was a real eye opener and everything I need is taken into consideration. I felt everything was geared towards my success and not that of the advisor.”

“I now have very realistic goals to work towards and know that I can trust the advice I was given. I feel comfortable and confident entering 2021 with a plan.”

“Gave us a great insight on our future financially and how we could give our kids a bright future if we put the right plans into place.”

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