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To invest simply means to grow your cash reserves over time by allowing annual gains to build up.

You can start investing from as little as €75 a month.

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How much you gain each year depends on how much of your cash reserve you’re willing to risk. The more risk you take the bigger the rewards, and quite possibly bigger losses.

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“I’d recommend Paul to all who have any financial questions 100%, very friendly, no complicated talk, myself & my husband needed advice on life cover, kept putting it off as paper work always seemed complicated and too much effort, Paul very kindly came down to our house in Kildare and took us through lots of options and advised us which route to take. Thank you very much Paul, very much appreciated.” Paula
“I highly recommend Paul to all. He was approachable, quick to respond, friendly and spoke to me on my level (no dazzling financial jargon that I maybe wouldn’t understand). Paul very much tailored his advice around the details I gave him of my own lifestyle and general circumstances so I knew he put good thought into the practical advise he gave that was very relevant to me as oppose to a generic response. Thanks Paul!” Katie

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