Follow the advice in each of the steps below so that you can track & manage your money, helping you take control and make your money work smarter for you.

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Step 1: Personal Budget

To be good with money everybody needs a personal budget. Watch the video to get my top tips on personal budgeting.

Step 2: Free Bonus Video

Complete the personal budget template.

Step 3: Envelope System

The envelope system is a tried and trusted way to help you curb your weekly spending.

Step 4: Shop Around

Now let’s take a look at where you can cut your outgoings so that you have more disposable income.

Step 5: Money Finder

Now let’s have a look at some other ways that you can find some extra money to increase income.

Step 6: Saving

Now it’s time to start saving that extra cash that you have found by cutting your outgoings from your finances.

Step 7: Tackling Debt

Here is my appearence on morning television where I give some advice on how to manage your debt.

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