10 Reasons Why You Should Create A Personal Budget

Talking about money matters can be scary and financial management may seem complicated, so we want to make sure you’re getting the information you need to make you financially secure, regardless of your current life situation.

Financial Management can be simple . No matter which way you look at it, a very good starting step is to create a personal budget. Here are ten reasons as to why a personal budget is so good.

1. Give yourself control over your money – a budget makes sure your spending and saving is intentional. It helps you decide if you want to sacrifice short term perks (that extra treat each day) for long term benefit (a special holiday)

2. A Personal Budget keeps you focused on your money goals – avoid unnecessary spend to be able to afford things that are important to you

3. It makes you aware of unnecessary spend – a budget makes you aware of money coming in, how fast it goes out and where it is going. It allows you to cut out spend that may not have been recognised before

4. Helps you allocate some money to savings – by understanding what the monthly spend needs to be it is easier to see how much can be saved, and what items need to be saved for (car insurance, home repairs)

5. Helps you decide as a household how the money will be spent – a budget allows everyone to decide on what is needed in advance and agree how money will work for everyone

6. Allows you to be prepared for expected and unexpected costs – budgeting allows you to plan to set aside money for emergency costs.

7. Provides you with early warning for potential problems – by taking a big picture view you will see potential problems in advance

8. Helps determine what financial support you may need – when you understand your financial situation it is easier to see what other support you need

9. Determine how much debt you can take on – Budgeting shows what repayments you can realistically afford

10. Gain extra money – In budgeting, you get to identify and eliminate all unnecessary spending like the app you no longer use, late fees, etc. These seemingly small saving can add up over time


Start your budget today. Get control back into your money matters. Start planning your future.