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Getting the right financial protection can be a valuable safety net for you or your family.

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We’re passionate about protection, so much so that we’re offering our protection consultations for free to ensure that everyone has access to advice to get the right type and level of protection to suit their needs.

Not having the right type & level of cover in place could be putting you or your family’s future at risk, should the worst happen.

Planning for your future is important, PROTECTING it is crucial.

We can help you get:

Life Insurance

Life can be unpredictable, and if you were to die during the term of the policy this cover will pay your family a lump sum in order to protect them from any financial hardships in your absence.

Mortgage Protection

This cover protects your home by paying off the mortgage to the lender if you were to die, protecting your family from any financial burden that may be caused.

Income Protection

An income protection policy provides you with a source of income if you were unable to work due to an accident or an illness giving you peace of mind knowing that you can continue to pay your mortgage, household bills and living expenses.

Whole of Life Protection

A Life Assurance plan that’s lasts for the policyholder’s life. If you die, the policy will pay out a lump sum to your family. You can also select the policy to be underwritten as a section 72 plan. This is a plan set up under trust for your beneficiaries. It’s designed to pay them sufficient funds on death to then pay off any inheritance tax that may arise then.

Pensions Term Protection

Provides life cover to those in non-pensionable employment. This includes self-employed people or people who are not members of an employer-sponsored pension scheme. Tax relief can be claimed back on the premiums in accordance with the age-related earnings percentage limits on pension contributions, and if your employer is paying the premium they can claim back corporation tax relief on their contributions.

Shareholder Protection

A Life Assurance contract insuring the life of each director or shareholder of a company.  The benefit is paid out on death and the remaining directors /  shareholders can use the funds to buy back the shares of the decreased director.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How much cover do I need?

Remember you are trying to replace income of a household. So, this will vary on a case by case basis, but rule of thumb is a minimum of 4 – 5 times your salary.

What will effect my monthly premium?

Age, smoker status, whether you cover one or two people, current health status, amount of cover needed and for how long.

What is a conversion option?

This gives you the option to convert your plan before expiry into a new plan without needing to provide any further medical evidence. Very important to have it included.

What is the difference between serious illness cover and income protection?

If you become seriously ill and have serious illness cover in place, you are paid a one-off lump sum if you are diagnosed with an illness that meets the listed illnesses in your policy. Income protection on the other hand will ensure you are paid a guaranteed monthly income in the event that you are unable to work. Income protection will continue to be paid until you are fit to return to work or you reach the end of your policy term.

Do I take mortgage protection out with the lender?

No, you are allowed shop around for the most comprehensive cover and cheapest premiums. You might find some lenders are tied to one provider.

What’s the difference between mortgage protection and life assurance cover?

Mortgage Protection Insurance is specifically designed to pay off the balance outstanding on your mortgage. The balance on your mortgage and mortgage protection reduces over time. Whereas the cover amount on a life assurance policy stays level over the full term of the policy.

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