With an increased number of Irish individuals now living longer than other generations and this will continue to increase, it is now more than important to include pensions as an essential part of your financial planning.

You should be aware of your pensions so that you can make the right decisions & relevant adjustments early enough to make your pension money work harder & provide financial comfort in your older years.

If you plan to rely on the Irish State pension, the maximum value of your pension will be €248.30/week which is roughly around a €1000/month only & be paid only when you reach the state pension retirement age currently 66 years- the predictions are that the state pension age will only increase.

The Irish State Pension provides only a basic income and If you’re worried about relying solely on the
State Pension in the future? 

    Certain occupations, such as teachers, nurses, medical doctors, etc., have their own occupational pension schemes. However, many of you are not fully aware of.

    How these pension schemes work?

    Are you being over charged on fees?

    Are charges reducing the value of your pension?

    Do you know how your money is invested?

    When can you access the money?

    A lot of people end up contributing to pension products which may not be tax efficient and end up costing more than benefiting.

    Want to know how you can save TAX & make your money work hard?

    Even if you had an old workplace pension that you were paying into…

    Do you know where is this pension?

    How much is the pension worth?

    Why do you need a pension review?


    • To ensure your money is working hard & increasing the value of your Pension pot.
    • To make sure your pension contributions are tax-efficient.
    • To ensure that your pension is invested in the best funds aligned to your situation & future goals.
    • To know your projected income at retirement.
    • To keep a tab on the fees you’re being charged.
    • To discover pensions, you had forgotten about.