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This webinar will help anyone who is navigating redundancy.

In this webinar, Paul Merriman CFP is joined by Gerry Hussey, Health & Performance Coach from Soul Space to give some great well-being tips to help manage mindset during the process and John Richardson from Cronin & Company discusses termination payments, tax exemptions, tax relief, ex-gratia payments and much more.

(Recorded: 30 Nov, 2022)


The objective of this webinar is to give you information, guidance, and support to help you make the best decision when it comes to your mortgage.During the webinar, our CEO Paul Merriman along with our Head Of Mortgage Shane Cullen & Mortgage Advisor Keri Merriman tackled a wide range of topics, they kicked off with an overview of the property market and provided examples of how the interest rate increases will impact your monthly repayments, the impact on tracker mortgages, the mortgage application process, mortgage measures, the bank process, things that hold a mortgage up, Government schemes, and answered a tonne of questions!
(Recorded: 08 Nov, 2022)


Everyone will need a pension, but what’s more important is understanding if it’s the right time for you to fund your pension.In this webinar, Devin Toner who has recently joined the team as Head of Partnerships along with our CEO Paul Merriman CFP® and Senior Pensions Consultant Conor O'Hara QFA MIIPM were talking all things Pensions and retirement planning. From the importance of a pension as part of your overall financial plan to how your financial goals, stage of life, and current situation determine whether it’s right for you to fund your pension. Lastly, this webinar will teach you about all the pension updates and changes that may impact your retirement.
(Recorded: 25 Oct, 2022)
Are You Over/Under Insured?

Are You Over/Under Insured?

In the current economic climate, being over or under-insured can cost you big money, but in very different ways.In this webinar, Conor L’Estrange QFA FPRA covers the frequently asked questions about the different types of protections from Income to Life Cover, Serious Illness and Mortgage Protection. Understand what Income protection is? who needs it? how long should one be covered & the costs as well as tax relief associated with it? Get a clear view of what life cover is, how much you should be covered for & what happens to the money when you pass away. Along with understanding a bit about Serious illness cover & what it should be used for. Lastly, Conor talks about what mortgage protection is and if it is necessary. He will also help you understand if it provides financial support to your family if you die. Watch now to learn all this and more. (Recorded: 3rd October 2022) 
(Recorded: 03 Oct, 2022)
How To Manage Your Money

How To Manage Your Money

Inflation, interest rate increases, and the war in Ukraine are all dominating the news, these are all factors that we cannot control BUT there are things within our control that we can take charge of to create a brighter future for ourselves no matter what is going on in the world.Watch Mark Root BA, QFA as he explains how to take control of the controllable. From taking stock of your spending to, setting achievable goals for the short, medium & long term to creating a realistic monthly budget & stick to it. Mark talks about how you can create a plan to pay off your debt using the Debt ladder, why you should shop around for insurance options & the importance of building an emergency fund. (Recorded: 30th September 2022) 
(Recorded: 30 Sep, 2022)
Myths Of Investing

Myths Of Investing

The investing world can seem daunting at first. But in reality, most investors are just regular people who don’t let common misconceptions keep them from getting started.Watch Conor Byrne, QFA as he breaks down 5 of the most common myths about investing and offers a different perspective on each of them. He explains why investing is NOT only for the rich, why saving is NOT investing, How you can diversify & spread the risk while investing, why it’s time in the market not timing the market and how you can start investing without a big sum. (Recorded:29th September 2022)
(Recorded: 29 Sep, 2022)
Money MasterClass – Part 1 & Part 2

Money MasterClass – Part 1 & Part 2

Stay ahead of the game- Learn how to manage your money more effectively and make the most of your monthly income from one of Ireland’s leading financial advisors, Paul Merriman QFA Grad Dip CFP®.Get answers to the key financial questions- Should you save or invest? When should you fund your pension and how much should you put in? How to make the most of that extra money you may have? Paul also covers day-to-day money management, how to plan your finances for the short & long term, saving & investing, pension planning, getting mortgage ready, switching mortgage lenders & much more. (Recorded Part 1:26th April 2022 & Recorded Part 2: 28th April 2022)
(Recorded: 22 Apr, 2022)
Grow Your Money: Investing & Pensions

Grow Your Money: Investing & Pensions

Aine Cullen Certified Financial Planner at askpaul will walk through the most common misconceptions about pensions and investments.In this webinar, Aine explains what type of pension you need whether you’re self-employed or a PAYE worker & how fees and charges can eat into your pension pot. Aine also addresses one of the most frequently asked questions - Could you really retire early? Talking about tax relief, tax-free growth, and how contributions really work. She has shared all the basics you need to know so that you can make that extra cash you have work that bit better.(Recorded: 10th March 2022) 
(Recorded: 10 Mar, 2022)


Women are better savers but less confident about investing compared to men. ⅓ of women have said they don’t know enough about pensions or investing & so this webinar is dedicated to empowering our ladies with the right knowledge about everything to do with Pensions & Investments.

In this webinar, Lucia O'Riordan Head of Operations at askpaul was joined by Áine Cullen Certified Financial Planner at askpaul & Pamela Laird CEO of Moxi Loves Limited where they challenged women to inspire, encourage, & empower each other. Aine shared a few steps that can help improve your financial well-being and long-term financial health.

(Recorded: 16 Sep, 2021)
Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing

Gerry Hussey, Ireland’s Leading Health and Performance coach, joins Paul Merriman, Ireland's leading financial advisor where they unpack what financial well-being means, what financial freedom looks like and how you can manage and maintain a good mindset. They also discuss how to achieve financial well-being and freedom with the right mindset and view money as a tool to enhance your life, not hold you back. (Recorded: 27th April 2021)
(Recorded: 22 Apr, 2021)

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