For financial advice on investments, pensions and financial planning

We all have different financial goals and objectives.

Whether you want to save for a home or start investing for your children’s education or plan for retirement, whatever goals you might have, the success of achieving them depends upon a realistic financial plan.

And that is why, financial planning is the key.

Evaluating your current situation & the options available is the most important step towards planning for a brighter financial future.

Through Financial Planning, you’ll find the answers to the questions that really matter to you. We know that most people are not really interested in financial products like pensions, life assurance etc. Instead they really want the answers to the following questions:

  • People are living much longer – am I going to outlive my pension fund?
  • What age can I retire at?
  • How much do I need to be saving to allow me to retire?
  • Could I give my son/daughter €50,000 for a deposit on a house?
  • Do I need to take additional risk with my pension/investments?
  • How much do I need to sell my business for?
  • How much income can I draw down each year in retirement?

Here at askpaul, we help you find answers to whatever financial questions you may have.

What does a consultation with the askpaul Financial Advisor offer?

  • Assess your current financial situation.
  • Help you set short & long-term financial goals.
  • Cashflow modelling & analysis of your finances.
  • Organise spending and saving.
  • Find financial leaks and gaps.
  • Protect, grow & replace your income.
  • Full Financial Plan for your future.

We also review and monitor the plans every year to ensure that they are kept up to date and in line with your changing goals/needs.

Meet the Team

Conor Byrne QFA APA

Darren Nolan QFA IATI CFP®

Áine Cullen CFP® MSc GDip QFA

Client Testimonials

“The whole experience was so professional and assuring. Unlike other financial consultants where we felt spoken down to with way too much vagueness. It was the complete opposite with askpaul.”

“I have contacted other financial planners in the past but was told they only deal with people of a salary 100k plus. I found this service exceptional where anyone can get advice regardless of their salaries.”

“I booked the consultation only looking to talk about investments and Ian helped us with income protection, investment, savings and spending plans. We got a lot out of the consultation.”

“Darren went above and beyond. Seemed like he genuinely had our best interest at heart. Did not feel rushed at all.”

“The projection software was super, it was really cool to be able to see what the next 59 years looked like financially and what would happen if one income was gone.”

“It was a real eye opener and everything I need is taken into consideration. I felt everything was geared towards my success and not that of the advisor.”

“I now have very realistic goals to work towards and know that I can trust the advice I was given. I feel comfortable and confident entering 2021 with a plan.”

“Gave us a great insight on our future financially and how we could give our kids a bright future if we put the right plans into place.”

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The initial meeting will be held virtually over Zoom. Together you will define and agree your financial goal.

Our advisors will complete a fact find to assess your current situation so that they can understand the right financial product to suit your needs.

After your call the team will then send you through the paperwork that is needed to activate the right product for you.


Follow Up

Our paraplanning team will keep you updated throughout the process and are always there for you should you have any questions or if your circumstances change.


You will complete our financial cashflow modelling tool that provides a deep view of your current financial situation. Your information is completely secure.
The team will then review your current situation and map out your future financial projections based on this information you have provided.



The Initial meeting will be held virtually preferably over Zoom. You will define and agree your financial goals and milestones. You will agree follow up & review stages.
The team will then create your personal financial plan and map out the steps required to achieve your financial goals that you have outlined.


Follow Up

The team will follow up to ensure you are on track to meet your goals.

The askpaul planning team will be in touch to schedule your review at the agreed stages. 

Our advisors & paraplanning team are always there for you should you have any questions or if your circumstances change.


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