Money Finding Tips

askpaul explains about ways to find more money:


Hi there, Money Finder is the title of this video/content and I’m hoping you’re following this guide because you want to find easy money. This is going to sound like something you hear in America but, it’s going to work, trust me.


What I want you to do when it comes to money finder is, start by using my personal budgeting template which helps you identify where your income is coming in and going out. You should know how much you’re able to save and where you need to cut back. Ultimately, the money finder we discussed in the earlier videos, means trying to save and cut costs, but also about finding money elsewhere.

How to Make Extra Money

So, what do I mean when I say find money? Well, you need to increase your income and, if you can increase your income by maybe taking a second job on the weekends, or in the evening time, if you can do it for a year or two, it is really going to boost your savings or boost your overall cash flow. I’d recommend everybody to try and do it.


Get a Second Job

I myself when I was like 17 or 18 years of age would always have two or three different jobs and, even when I’ve worked full time at an insurance company in town when I was 20 to 24 years of age, I would have had a second, weekend job as well. That would have been helping my brother on building sites the odd time, delivering pizzas for Domino’s, working in a bar, or working in a hotel at the weekends. There were loads of extra things I did to try and increase my income. Rather than watching Netflix or TV at the weekends, try and get out and use your spare time to earn extra more money.


Find Money Around The House

The other thing you can do is find money around your house. It might sound a bit corny but it is a really good thing to do. Spend half a day going around your house, find an old PlayStation or Xbox, old Nintendo computers or whatever you can find in the attic or at the back of cupboards. Then, go on to somewhere like DoneDeal or eBay and put all this stuff up for sale and see can you sell it, even if you only make two or three hundred Euro. Isn’t two or three hundred Euro better off in your pocket than the back of the press or up in the attic? So, I encourage everybody to have a good rummage around and try and get extra income and try and find money that is just lying around the house. There’s always somebody willing to buy something off someone that is second hand.

So, just use this opportunity to go out and try and increase your income with these simple yet effective tips. Especially if you are in a situation where you had a tough Christmas, maybe you spent too much, maybe you have a credit card bill. Use these few tips to try and get rid of that debt as soon as possible.

Hope you found this information worthwhile. Give it a shot and let me know how you get!

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