Debit cards are extremely handy and definitely serve a purpose when it comes to handling your finances but using them regularly is not, in my opinion, the best thing to do. The main reason for this is that you lose track of your spending! 


If you have worked on your budget, you should know that you have a certain amount of money each week for discretionary spending.

If you still haven’t worked out a personal budget for yourself. Here’s the link to download my free budget template.

Free Budget Template

Let’s say, you have kept €50 as discretionary spending. Rather than using your debit card, I suggest taking €50 out of the bank on Monday morning and trying to see if it will last until the following Monday. Put the €50 in your wallet or purse, once you open it on day 3 or 4 and see what you have left. You will most likely be shocked by what you spent! 

The idea of this is to get your mind back to seeing money in your pocket and realizing it’s all you have for the week. 

When we use plastic cards, our mind doesn’t feel like it’s spending as much as it does when we are spending cash. I promise that come week 5 or 6 you will automatically become much better at spending money. 

To help you get started, here’s an explanatory video for the most tried and trusted way to help you curb your weekly spending. 

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