5 Budgeting Tips for Students

What’s Your Number?
No that’s not a pickup line for the pub, it’s the amount you have to spend every month. When you have this write it down and then how much you’d like to allocate to each category of your spending. Try to keep luxury expenses to a minimum, i.e. eating out, nights out, etc. These small decisions make a big difference to your pocket which is needed when the average cost of a student living away from home is €11,000 per year. Avoiding unnecessary expenses and building good financial habits are key to long-term financial well-being.

Make More Money!
If you don’t feel you have enough money, get a part-time job. This job not only looks good on your bank balance but also on your CV.

Don’t Forget the Discount
Get your student card as soon as you start. Most businesses offer student deals and discounts, Take full advantage of these. However, be careful not to buy only because it’s a discount. Still, keep spending to necessities.

Know what you’re spending
Once you start this process of budgeting, don’t stop. Make it a habit. Bank online and check your Balance regularly. Clarity helps you keep on top of your money.

Watch Out for Waste
Keep a diary of what you are spending and take note of money you ‘wasted’. 
You’d be surprised and this will keep you from making the same mistakes again!

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